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An offence of disqualified driving occurs where your licence has been disqualified by a Court and police charge your with driving during that disqualified period. This type of offence is far more serious than an offence of suspended driving or unlicensed driving mainly due to the fact that you are specifically defying a Court order not to drive.

There are very serious penalties involved with an offence of Disqualified Driving including a mandatory minimum disqualification of 2 years. However, the Magistrate has the powers to issues disqualification periods for greater periods that the mandatory minimum.

It is highly advisable you seek professional legal advice and representation especially considering that a disqualified driving offence is considered extremely serious by the Court of Queensland.

Other unlicensed driving.

You may be stopped driving by the police and charged with an offence of unlicensed driving because:

  • Your licence has expired or you have never held a licence;
  • Your licence is suspended by the State Penalties and Enforcement Register (SPER). For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 1 month;
  • Your licence has been suspended because of the accumulation of demerit points. For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 6 months;
  • You have previously been to court and your licence was disqualified. For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 2 years.

Severe penalties can apply in some circumstances, including imprisonment and lengthy periods of disqualifications. You should obtain legal advice quickly from an expert to protect your interests.

Gold Coast Drink Driving Lawyers constantly obtain favourable results for their clients for a range of traffic offences such as drink driving, drug driving, DUI, unlicensed driving, suspended driving, disqualified, dangerous driving, negligent driving, high range speeding and many other common traffic offences. We are experts at dealing with these types of offences and helping our clients obtain a work licence, special hardship order licence or alternatively the best outcome possible for their traffic charge.

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