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Gold Coast Work Licence Lawyers can help you obtain a DUI work licence as long as you meet the relevant criteria. The application must be made at the time the conviction is recorded and before the court makes an order disqualifying you from holding a driver’s licence.

The conditions which must generally be met are that you:

  • hold a current Queensland provisional or open driver’s licence;
  • were not driving to or from work at the time you were charged;
  • have had a blood alcohol level of less than 0.15%;
  • were not driving under a work licence at the time of charge;
  • were not driving under a licence that required a zero alcohol reading;
  • have not been convicted of drink driving or drug driving or dangerous driving or had your licence suspended or cancelled within the last 5 years;
  • can show that you will suffer extreme financial hardship if you are unable to obtain a drivers licence.

We understand how difficult it can be to maintain a stable lifestyle whilst at the same time upholding reliable employment and it is for this reason we are able to sit down and discuss with you the various options that you may have in maintaining a valid Queensland Driver Licence so that you do not suffer extreme financial hardship.

Gold Coast Drink Driving constantly obtain favourable results for their clients for a range of traffic offences such as drink driving, drug driving, DUI, unlicensed driving, suspended driving, disqualified, dangerous driving, negligent driving, high range speeding and many other common traffic offences. We are experts at dealing with these types of offences and helping our clients obtain a work licence, special hardship order licence or alternatively the best outcome possible for their traffic charge.

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