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Do I need a lawyer or should I represent  myself?

There are advantages of engaging a Lawyer to represent you in Court:

  • You will be advised by a professional who is experienced in handling these types of matters;
  • You will be better prepared for your court hearing;
  • You will be professionally represented at the Court hearing and subsequently the Court room advocacy will be conducted by your Lawyer on your behalf;
  • You will show the Court that you have taken your matter seriously by engaging a professional lawyer to guide you through the process;
  • You will have the appropriate documents prepared by your lawyer should you need to file or tender any such documents to the court, with the exclusion of character reference;
  • You will be advised on any types of traffic offender programs or intervention programs which may be beneficial to you as a driver and person within the community.

We can devise a strategic plan for you to take leading up to the Court appearance in order to help you and seek the best outcome possible.

How much will it cost to engage your services?

We have a Fixed Fee structure so you are aware of all charges upfront. Please click here to view our Fixed Fee cost structure.

Do I qualify for a work licence?

To qualify for a Work Licence you must be able to confirm that:

  • Your licence has not been suspended within the past 5 years (with the exception of a fine default suspension).
  • Your BAC was less than 0.15%.
  • You hold an open or provisional Qld drivers licence.
  •  You were not driving to or from your place of work when charged.
  • You have not been charged for DUI within the past 5 years.

If you can confirm all of the above then you may be eligible to apply for a work licence.

Will I be able to successfully obtain a restricted work licence?

Convincing arguments will need to be raised with the court to prove that you are a fit and proper person to be granted a work licence and that you will suffer extreme hardship should you be unable to legally operate a motor vehicle.

Do I qualify for a Special Hardship Order?

You need to confirm the following in order to qualify for a Special Hardship Order (SHO):

  • You held a current Qld drivers licence prior to the offence and subsequent suspension taking place.
  • You have not had your drivers licence suspended or disqualified within the past 5 years.
  • You have not been convicted of dangerous use of a motor vehicle within the past 5 years.

Will I be able to successfully obtain a Special Hardship Order?

It will need to be argued to convinced the court that you are a fit and proper person to be granted a SHO drivers licence and that failure to be able to legally operate a motor vehicle would cause an extreme financial hardship to you or your family, or extreme unusual hardship to you or your family.

***BE AWARE that there are TIME LIMITS to adhere to before lodging an application for a SHO, if you are not sure contact us immediately following notice of suspension from the Department of Queensland Transport.***

Can I have my licence suspension removed?

If you have already been to court and have received a licence suspension or disqualification for a period of time longer than 2 years then once that initial 2 years is up you have the opportunity to apply to have the remainder of the suspension period waived. BE AWARE that if you fail to be succeed in your application then you will have to wait a further 12 months before you are eligible to re-apply for the suspension removal. For these reasons it is critical that you get sound legal advice in order to get it done right the first time.

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