Traffic op targets speeding, mobile use

DRIVERS using mobile phones, travelling in transit lanes and speeding are being targeted in a two-day Southport traffic operation.

Operation Comply, which began yesterday, is a multi-agency operation being run by the Gold Coast Traffic Branch. Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy, officer in charge of the traffic branch, said such operations would be run on a regular basis.

”We continue to be disappointed by the number of people who blatantly disregard road rules,” he said. ”On Sunday morning officers intercepted a 20-year-old NSW female who was travelling south along the Gold Coast Highway. It is alleged she returned a breath test reading of 0.171 per cent. She was a P-plater. “This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and we will do anything possible to eliminate this behaviour on our roads.”

A recent defective vehicle operation conducted on at The Spit resulted in 21 vehicles being issued with fines ranging form $100 to $200 and Queensland Transport issuing 20 repair orders. Nine vehicles were found to have major defects. ”We have no issues with drivers modifying their vehicles provided they do so in accordance with the regulations and all modification are approved,” Snr Sgt Murphy said. ”It is imperative that if you drive a vehicle on a road that you ensure that there are no defects such as bald tyres, broken lights and serious rust issues and that you adhere to the road rules and regulations.”

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